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The LHB series high efficiency, classification, green screen
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The LHB series high efficiency, classification, green screen


本系列“高效、分级、环保筛”是我公司科技人员长期总结经验,在SBXBSF)系列悬臂筛网振动筛的基础上,打破常规筛子的结构局限而独创的最新专利产品(专利号:ZL 02 1 09925.1,已荣获*********火炬计划项目认定。目前已在沙钢5800m3;首钢京唐5500m3;安阳钢铁4747m3;武钢4350m3;梅钢4050m3;鞍钢、济钢、莱钢、梅钢、天钢3200m3;天铁2800m3;燕钢2560m3;昆钢、水钢、承钢2500m3等全国众多钢铁厂的高炉料槽筛分系统及常州中天550m2;济钢、天铁400m2;川威、西王特钢、通钢360m2;通才336m2;天柱、广西盛隆、九羊320m2;新钢、燕钢、衢州元立300m2;承德建龙、莱钢永锋、芜湖新兴铸管、泰钢265m2;敬业、沧州中铁260m2;九江、凌钢240m2;南钢、天钢联合220m2等烧结机整粒筛分系统中使用。

This series of "efficient, grading, environmental protection screen" is my company technical personnel summarize experience for a long time, in SB (XBSF) series, on the basis of cantilever screen vibrating screen, break the structure of the limitations of conventional screen and the creation of the latest patent product (patent no. : ZL 02 1 09925.1), has won the national torch plan project. Shagang group is currently in 5800 m3; Beijing shougang tang 5500 m3; Anyang iron and steel 4747 m3; Wisco 4350 m3; MeiGang 4050 m3; Anshan iron and steel, jinan steel, laiwu, MeiGang, day 3200 m3; Tiantie 2800 m3; YanGang 2560 m3; Kunming steel, steel, ChengGang 2500 m3, the national burden slot screening system for steel mills, and changzhou zhongtian 550 m2; Jinan, tiantie 400 m2; Chuan wei, west king, special steel, steel 360 m2; A liberal 336 m2; Sky column, guangxi sunlight, nine sheep 320 m2; New steel, YanGang, quzhou yuan 300 m2; Chengde jianlong, yong feng, wuhu emerging in lai steel pipes, tagon 265 m2; Dedication, cangzhou iron 260 m2; Jiujiang, LingGang 240 m2; Cultivation, such as days steel joint 220 m2 sintering machine used in the whole grain of screening system.


Performance and characteristics 

高效 high efficiency


 Compared with the same capacity of screening equipment, its power consumption is only 1/2 volume, and the screen surface area is increased nearly doubled, to further improve the screening efficiency and in smaller space to install large handling capacity of screening equipment.



Can a sieve screen instead of two, easily above materials can be divided into two levels, for blast furnace charging provides the necessary screening equipment.

环保 Environmental protection   

筛子的所有进出口可方便与其他相关设备(如料仓口、称量斗进口、溜槽等)用软接头密封连接,使整个筛分作业在全密封状态下进行。并可通过筛体上专设的引风口小量吸风,使全系统在负压状态下进行工作,从而彻底解决了筛分过程中的粉尘污染问题。screen all inlet and outlet can be convenient connected with other related equipment (such as hopper mouth, imported weighing hopper, chute, etc.) with a soft joint sealing connection, make the whole screening operations under the full sealed state. And we can set up on the screen body of tuyere small suction, make the whole system work under the negative pressure condition, so as to thoroughly solve the dust pollution problem in the process of screening.


如果采用我公司发明专利“一种降低高炉槽下筛分称量系统高度的方法”而设计的新型环保筛和称量斗,可在保持仓容不变的情况下大幅降低料仓高度(达3m以上),并可大幅降低槽下筛筛上物出口至称量斗底部的落差(达2m左右),并且物料由垂直落下变为从斜坡滑下,从而避免物料在称量过程中由于落差大且直接冲击而产生细颗粒,进一步保证高炉吃精料。If use my company invention patent "one kind of to reduce blast furnace trough under screening height method" of the weighing system and design a new type of environmental protection screen screen and weighing hopper, Can greatly reduce the storage capacity in the bin height remain unchanged (more than 3m), and can sharply decrease the fall of materail on the screen outlet to the bottom of weighing hopper (up to 2 m or so), and the material by the vertical fall into from slope slides down, so as to avoid material because of the large gap in the process of weighing and direct hit and produce fine particles, further ensure the blast furnace feed fine.