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       I was founded in 1993, is a technology development, scientific research, design, production and sales in one of the national high-tech enterprises, under the National Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company has to meet the needs of modern iron construction engineering force, the establishment of an independent product and technology development center. In 2008 the first batch of the Ministry of Science and the re-identified high-tech enterprises, and won the "Innovative Enterprise of Jinan City," the honorary title; in 2009, the company's technology center was named "Enterprise Technology Center in Jinan City"; in 2010, organized by the company "Shandong vibration screening saving Engineering Technology Research Center" was named in Shandong Province Engineering Research Center, developed by our company has laid a position in the screening technology energy-saving projects. The company adopted the GB / T19001-2008-ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.
       Sungong Min, general manager of comrades enjoy special government allowances of experts, senior engineer, the provincial model worker, Shandong Province and technical talents.
       I developed by the company "cantilever sieve shaker", "LHB series of high efficiency, grade, green screen", "CDQ feeder" with independent intellectual property rights, by 40 patents (including nine invention patent) support. "Cantilever sieve shaker" in 2002 by the National Torch Program project acceptance, and won the national title of the new product, which is still the first in the country; "LHB series of high efficiency, grade, green screen" in 2007 by the National Torch project acceptance, and won the "Jinan Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award" in 2009; "CDQ feeder" acceptance by the provincial Torch Program in 2007, and was named "Shandong Province Technology Innovation Project" ; "Vertical combination screening device used in sintering Whole System" results had been identified by experts appraisal committee of China Metallurgical Group Corporation workers November 24, 2009, it agreed that the outcome of the evaluation committee has reached the international advanced level . 2010 my company and the North China Metallurgical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. "Research and Application of New Technology for Whole sintering vertical" project won the "Metallurgical science and technology prize."
        Drafted by the company "cantilever sieve shaker" (SB type) national standards from October 1, 2011 in the nationwide implementation.
        Since its inception, now has more than 300 kinds of styling products, can produce a variety of specifications cantilever sieve shaker, green screen and vibrating feeder stand set etc, accounts for a sizeable share of the market, the market share of 70% of the products throughout the country 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities, some products exported to South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, in Baosteel, Shougang, Sha Steel, Bao Steel, Shougang Jingtang, Anshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, climbing Steel, Taiyuan, Benxi Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, the days of iron, Jinan Steel, Laiwu Steel, Nanjing Steel, Xiangtan Steel, Tong Gang, Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel, Shaoguan Steel, Tianjin Steel, the new steel, Lianyuan Iron and Steel, as Steel, Inner Mongolia, one thousand Steel, Thai steel, Red Steel, Xingtai Steel, Meishan Steel, Xuanhua Steel, Shaanxi Longmen, Jiujiang Steel, Huai steel, the new ask steel, stone steel, bearing steel, Tangshan Iron and Steel, Anyuan steel, Qiangang Water steel and other more than 300 enterprises and Brazil regions of South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Vietnam, East Asia, Japan and Taiwan, have achieved considerable economic and social benefits, are now actively expand the international market.
Our company has strong technical development and design capabilities, in addition to stereotypes products, can be non-standard design and technological innovation based on the special requirements of the user, allowing users to achieve more with less production, producing more good results. Been to Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Plant, Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant, Jiangsu Shagang Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Plant, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Plant, Jinan Iron and Steel Plant, Tianjin Iron, Tonghua Iron and Steel Plant and other units repeatedly to provide this service.
       My company to "technical innovation, continuously improve products, comprehensive services in place, operating in good faith" for the guidelines, dedication to customers to provide satisfactory services.