Pre-sale services

Pre service commitment

 给用户提供技术支持,解答用户的疑难问题,为用户排忧、解难或提出改进意见。
 To provide users with technical support, answer user difficult problems,suggestions for improvement or problem-solving.
 根据具体的要求,和用户进行前期的技术交流。
 According to the specific requirements make technical exchanges with the user.
 帮助用户进行现场设备的技术参数的采集,协助用户对现场改进,进行初步的方案规划。
 To help users collect technical parameters at the scene of equipment, assist the user to make the  improvements and initial program planning on site.
 对用户现场进行空间位置的测绘,作为标准或非标设计选型的依据。
 At the scene of the user space location for the surveying and mapping as a standard or non-standard design basis.
 根据选定的型号和现场设备的使用情况,帮助用户分析使用我公司设备与其它设备的对比性和优越性,估算带来的经济和社会效益,并可书面提交可行性分析报告。
According to the condition of selected models and site used, help the user analysis using our equipment and other equipment, make a comparison how our product bring the superiority, and estimate the economic and social benefits, submit a written report of feasibility analysis.
 帮助用户对于将来可能出现的问题进行规避。
 Help users to avoid problems in the future.
 为用户使用高科技产品打好技术基础,提出可行的培训计划。
 Put forward the feasible training plan for the use of high-tech products and lay the technical foundation, 
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