LHB green screen

This series of "efficient, grading, green screen" is our long-term scientific and technological personnel experience in regional basis SB (XBSF) series cantilever vibrating screen on the screen, breaking the limitations of conventional structure and original sieve latest patented product (patent number: ZL 02 1 09925.1), it has won the national Torch Program projects identified. Currently in Shagang 5800m3; Shougang Jingtang 5500m3; Anyang Iron and Steel 4747m3; WISCO 4350m3; Meisteel 4050m3; Anshan Iron and Steel, Jinan Steel, Laiwu Steel, Meishan Steel, Tianjin Steel 3200m3; Tiantie 2800m3; Yan steel 2560m3; Kunming Steel, steel water Chengde Steel 2500m3 nationwide, many blast furnaces trough screening system and Changzhou Zhongtian 550m2; Jigang, Tiantie 400m2; Chuanwei, Xiwang Special Steel, Tong Gang 360m2; generalist 336m2; Tianzhu Guangxi Shenglong nine sheep 320m2; new steel, Yan steel, Quzhou Yuanli 300m2; Chengde Jianlong, Laiwu Steel Yongfeng, Wuhu Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes, Thai Steel 265m2; dedication, Cangzhou iron 260m2; Jiujiang, Lingyuan Steel 240m2; Dragons, day the use of steel and other joint 220m2 sintering machine Whole screening system.
Performance and Features
    Compared with the same processing capacity screening equipment, power consumption is only 1/2 of its volume, and the screen surface area has increased nearly doubled, so as to further enhance the screening efficiency and greater processing power in a smaller installation space screening equipment possible.
    Two can replace a screen sieve, conveniently divided into two or more materials for blast furnace provides the necessary classification into screening equipment.