SB (XBSF) series

   The series "cantilever screen shaker" is my company's own development, design, manufacture enjoy independent intellectual property rights of patent products, widely used in screening bulk materials, especially in the metallurgical sintering, iron, coke, raw materials, mining and other aspects of bulk materials screening.
    SB (XBSF) series cantilever sieve shaker drafting of national standards by the company and with effect from October 1, 2011 implemented nationwide. I produced a series of cantilever screen shaker was in Shougang Jingtang 5500m3; Baosteel 4950m3; Wuhan Iron and Steel, Benxi Steel, TISCO 4350m3; Angang Bayuquan 4038m3; Anshan Iron and Steel, Tangshan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, Jinan Steel, Laiwu Steel, Benxi Iron and Steel Wuhan Iron and Steel 3200m3; Benxi 2600m3 blast furnace steel mills nationwide, many screening systems and Baosteel blast furnace trough 495m2; Angang 550m2; Meishan Steel 450m2; Ning steel 430m2; Hangang 400m2; Nanjing Steel, Sha Steel, Tong Gang, Xuan Steel Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Panzhihua Xichang, Tianjin Steel, Anshan, Benxi 360m2; Angang 328m2; Jigang 320m2; Songting, Yonggang 300m2; Laiwu Steel, Giant Special Steel, Bayi Steel, Shaanxi Longmen Steel, Benxi Steel, Panzhihua Iron and Steel extensive use of day and other sintered steel 265m2 granulated system.
First, the main features of mine screen
    Since the screen has a secondary vibration effect, with a striking screen clever device, reasonable structure design, mesh shape, size high-frequency variations, and therefore has the following characteristics:
    1, the screen is not plugging holes, not the material, screening efficiency up to 85%;
    2, screen wear resistance, is comb 2 times;
    3, back to the Super ore powder particles controlled at about 10%;
    4, filling the screen with the use of the original comb prolongation sieve mill large, resulting in super grain back to mine sharp increase problems caused by the waste of resources;
    5, screen easy to replace, easy maintenance.
Second, the main features of the focus screen
    1, having the griddle characteristics;
    2, the use of rubber ceramic composite mesh, corrosion, wear resistance, long life.
Third, due to the vibrating screen design is reasonable, what is needed is the other screen type vibration strength 1/2, and therefore has the following characteristics:
    1, light weight, the other 60% of the screen type;
    2, low power consumption is 60% of the other screen type;
    3, to reduce the generation of fine particles in the screening process;
    4, less dust, easy to dust.
40, the company adhere to the "technological innovation," the quality policy, through repeated studies, to fully exploit the technological advantages of cantilever screen technology, for:
    1, in the sintering plant using this type shaker replaced by other shaker, under the premise of a substantial increase screening efficiency, so that construction investment, floor space and other operating costs only 1/3 shaker become a reality;
    2, with the Earth in the ore and pellets in the screening process, it becomes possible to maintain the effectiveness of the mesh;
    3, in the screening process flux, limestone and other materials, under the premise of screening efficiency to ensure reliable, screen life times in the other screen;
    4, I sincerely hope that all enterprises with colleagues to explore technical issues on the part of the screening.