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After-sales service commitment

Ø  接受用户的质量申诉和服务要求,接到通知后,公司立即派出服务人员,用户属山东省的24小时到位,属山东省外的24小时内派出服务人员,调查、处理或实施维修服务,问题不解决,服务人员不离现场,直至用户满意。

Ø  To accept customer complaints and quality of service requirements, after receiving the notice, company immediately to send service personnel, the user located in Shandong Province 24 hours arrive at place, the users located out of Shandong Province dispatched service personnel in 24 hours, investigation, treatment or the implementation of maintenance services, if not solve the problem, service personnel will not leave the site, until the user is satisfied

Ø  免费给用户提供技术培训,直至用户能正确了解、使用、操作、和维护产品为止。

Ø  To provide technical training to users freely untill users can correctly understand, use, operate and maintain the equipment.

Ø  免费技术指导,督促安装队伍及时完成安装。及时就用户提出的技术问题给予答复,并根据用户提出的要求或主动的进行免费的技术培训。

Ø  To supply free technical guidance, supervise installation team the complete the installation timely. To give a reply to the technical questions raised by the user in time, and to carry out free technical training according to the requirements of the user.

Ø  协助用户准确的测试设备的各项数据,对于现场需要所做的改动提出意见。

Ø  Assist users to test the equipment data accurately, advance an opinion to the changement on the site

Ø  公司定期巡检用户使用的设备,了解设备运转情况并做好记录,发现隐患及时给用户提出,并提供技术支持,协助用户及时整改,把隐患压制在萌芽状态,做到“早发现、早处理”。

Ø  Our company regularly inspect the equipment at users’ site.The business users to use the regular inspection of equipment, familiar with the operation of equipment, and make a record. Found hidden in a timely manner to the user is proposed, and provide technical support to assist users to timely rectification, the hidden repression in the bud, accomplish "early discovery, early treatment.

Ø  对设备在使用现场出现的问题,集中公司的资源进行分析,解决,真正做到想用户所想,急用户所急。

Ø  - the equipment problems in the use of field appears, resources of the company to analyze and solve. Truly the user would like to think, urgent user.


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