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Sale of service commitment

Ø  对于新建或改造工程进行技术跟踪,及时提出我公司的意见,积极和用户协商。针对方案现场安装的可行性与用户和安装方沟通,帮助用户分析安装过程中的关键技术参数,估算安装过程中预见的问题和工期的要求。

Ø  For the new or renovation project tracking, timely put forward our opinions, and actively consult user. To communicate with users on the project site about the installation plan possibilty, to help users analyze the key technical parameters in the process of installation, and to estimate the problems and requirements for the installation process.

Ø  参与用户的招标要求,解答用户对于技术方面关心的问题,解释公司产品的技术特点。

Ø  Participate in the bidding requirements of users, to answer user technology concern technical characteristics of the company's products and explain.

Ø  接收用户的电话问询,协助用户提供出详细、准确的技术资料。To receive the user's telephone inquiries, help users provide detailed and accurate technical information.

Ø  针对用户选出的设备型号签订技术协议,作为合同的附件。

Ø  For the user to choosed the type of equipment sign technical agreement, as the annex to the contract.

Ø  对于正在安装的设备免费提供技术服务。

Ø  For the equipment being installed to provide free technical services.

Ø  公司有能力为用户提供有偿的设备安装服务。The company has the ability to provide paid service for user equipment installation.

Ø  对于用户有特殊要求的产品及用户可能提出的相关范围的技术难题,本公司尽******努力相助。

Ø  For users with special requirements to the product and the the scope of technical problems may proposed, we will do our best to help.



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